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Why Multiply Paper?

In Multiply Paper, we embraced the good teaching of the scripture “Be Fruitful and Multiply” which signify the attribute of TRUST, HOPE, LOVE.


Multiply Paper, we determine to provide high quality paper products to accommodate customers ever sophisticated requirements, there are categorized into 3 series, i.e. 

# The Personal Care Series

# The Household Series

# The Away From Home Series


No business is too small to place your order @MultiplyPaper.com, regardless for home usage or office ordering, you use a lot of paper products in a year, thus it make perfect sense to Save with Us.


The Personal Care Series

Personal Care Series consists of paper products for personal daily usage which including cleaning, hygiene and toileting purpose, such as Facial Tissues, Pocket Tissues, Handi Pack Tissues, etc.

The Household Series

Household series are products that are used within and around the home. This covers a wide variety of paper products such as Toilet Paper, Kitchen Towels, Facial Tissues, etc.

The Away From Home Series

The Away-From-Home series consists primarily of the supply of Jumbo Roll Tissues/JRT, Half Cut Bathroom Tissue/HBT, Hand Towels, Serviette/Napkins and Paper Dispensers to commercial users in a variety of industries such as food providers, building management, healthcare, manufacturing, etc.