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Different types of Toilet Paper

In the market, there are many kinds of toilet paper. They may differ in brands, prices, sheets, ply, grades, packings, colours and qualities.

In general, the toilet paper can be categorized into 100% Virgin Pulp or Recycle. Due to the ever-sophisticated needs of the modern customers, you may fine moistened or perfumed toilet paper too.

Usually, household consumers use the standard 10 rolls types which we easily get in the shelving of grocery stores; whereas for commercial users, they  always look for economical value, i.e. Jumbo Roll Tissues (JRT), it may differ in weight for recycle paper (500g to 600g) or in length for pure pulp paper (130 meter to 150 meter).

Toilet Paper comes in many colours nowadays, such as natural white, pure white, pink, peach, yellow, black even printed pattern. Natural White toilet paper goes through a process where the pulp fibers are extracted from trees; Pure White toilet paper are processed via reinking system where it is bleached and fluorescent whitening agents are added; coloured toilet paper is added colour during the manufacturing process. Natural and Pure White toilet paper are the most popular colour customer preferred.

Some "Luxury" toilet paper is quilted, perfumed and medicated. However, some medical experts advice people to use normal and unscented toilet paper. 

Also there are 1 ply, 2 ply and 3 ply even 4 ply toilet paper. For 1 ply, is considered as budget option and usually for commercial use; 2 ply is for generic market and priced economically; 3 ply & 4 ply are targeted at people who concerned more on texture and is considered to be better quality and charged at premium price.

Lastly, in Taiwan the toilet paper comes in square sheets, instead of rolls.